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To-do list dry erase frame

This project is so simple and environment friendly. You can simply write on the mirror, and save paper. Use it for your grocery list, to-do list, or any other list. Simply keep it on your working station and keep track of small things. For instructions see the post Dry erase list frame

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Tulips made with paper

Which in turn actually works best for your mental health. We just simply can not deny the fact that our mood swings depend a lot on what we see. So, sometimes we might not be so calm, seeing pending work on the board. That’s when some color and flowers can calm us down and tell us sweetie don’t worry you have time.

Check out this tutorial for all those people who think colors are vital and flowers are life. TULIPS MADE WITH PAPER

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Different envelope designs

I think there is a very fine line between giving something and presenting something. But it does not mean that we have to spend a few extra bucks just for the look. We can make our gift cards, greetings, invitations etc look nicer by making beautiful enveloped at home. There is a huge variety of pretty papers with patterns, glitter, emboss and what not. They are fun, instant and require very little effort and can actually serve the purpose of being different and catchy.

Check out how you can make these envelopes in seconds @ SIMPLE AND RARE ENVELOPE

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