2 responses to “Contact

  1. Sonal Patel

    Your work is great.. i like all your flowers…
    I m learning these days to make stocking flowers… started with few tulips and roses.. but i am not getting Nylon stocking material anymore in our city could help me in locating the supplies of Nylon stocking anywhere else or online shops… it will be a great help…


    • Hey thanks.. 😀 I’m glad that you found my tutorials helpful. I would be posting a few more flowers till my nylon stock is over, if you would like to learn any flower I would love to make a tutorial for you. 🙂
      Well you can buy nylon supplies online from I ordered my material it was delivered right on time and accurate. If you find the shipment charges too high in accordance with where you live. I suggest the best bet would be to go shop some stocking net/ nylon socks from superstores in your area, and the rest of the material like nylon thread (can use simple thread), plier and wire etc can easily be found in any crafts shop. I hope that helps.
      Take Care

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